Essential Oils Workshop 🍃

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This is a great bonding activity for a group of a 6-10 ladies, whether it's for a bridal shower or a Momma's Day out type of get-together. This Workshop can be done in a spa setting for a full-on SPArty or a Workshop Venue like Wonderbake Baking Studio. Rate per head depends on the location and number of heads. Fill up the form if you're interested in a class like this!

In this class, you will learn:

  • the benefits of essential oils
  • how to make the most out of essential oils especially during this rainy season
  • what tools you will need to actually get to use your oils on a daily basis
  • how to deal with the rainy season using your essential oils by making
    • a pick me up blend in a roller bottle
    • a bug spray
    • a sniffles sniffy stick
    • a lavender or peppermint sugar scrub for your body or feet
    • a mini pillow deodorizer you can put in your cabinet/drawers/shoes

If you're just as excited as we are, sign up below!

Text 0917-8005299 or send a PM here to inquire or sign up over at
Fee is inclusive of a pouch of oils, everything you'll make, handouts and snacks