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Year-End Clutter

How was the first 7 days of your 2018? Mine was supposed to be a manifestation of getting things done cause it was a Full Moon in Cancer, my zodiac sign no less. I did the whole shebang! The cleansing and energizing, the crystals and the essential oils — all the tita-ness in me in full gear and all the woo-woo stuff you can imagine. So you know where I’m going at.

I had my bullet journal with me all the time (for when I can finally list and organize my to dos by category… after I finish balancing accounts… after I finish replying to my emails…) in between breastfeeding. Thought I had time (but underestimated recovery) to finally jump on an exercise routine. Then I got sick (taking antibiotics for Bartholin’s Cyst (eew sorry but just keeping it real. I mean you must be thinking by now, “seriously that too?”) so all of my Friday was spent in bed and my milk supply is low. That can’t be good. I practically lost a day, skipped Friday entirely so I can get back on my feet. So that day, I missed an email. I missed sending an email for one day. And that caused me a potential booking cause I didn’t email back right away. Then it’s also that time of the year for us to enroll Roux in Tots Class mid-sem (we caved after the nth time she asked us, “when am I going to school?”) so naturally I’d be cramming requirements. Oh and we’re cramming a bridal fair booth we’re DIY-ing too by the way. Pao prefers to make it himself to cut on costs. While he’s also prepping for a shoot and set to leave for Davao and Guimaras for gigs this week while I on the other hand have to drive up to Baguio for a wedding. Not to mention he’s completely out of stock of Pablo Flavored Heat. So we can’t restock those. (but I managed to restock Poco Scents on BeautyMNL. I have a win!) So amidst our independently busy schedules, I miserably failed to take note of a check he wrote for one the kids’ tuition payments so that bounced cause I mindlessly reallocated funds for it. I’m such a scatter-brain! 😭 So obviously I haven’t gotten started on any list on my supposedly exciting notebooks. All I have are rapid logs I’ve been rapidly rummaging through in the hopes of not missing anything else 😣 yet I am left with no choice but to helplessly sit and wallow in these brain farts while breastfeeding, as if I had so much time to actually think through this clutter of thoughts. So yeah. my 1st week of the year ain’t so great. But I got to clean all my 3 kids’ ears and cut their nails myself. Also got to read the babies books and spent movie night with Mio yesterday. I have a pile of unsorted, unposted Marikondo-ed stuff just waiting for me to finally get on it. I’ve been giving myself permission to let it be clutter on the floor for as long as I need it to be until I get my $#!+ together. But what the heck. Its just like any other week of another one of those years. Tomorrow I get another shot at making the small things count. And pretty, too if I can. Good night!

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