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Vanilla Cold Brew Recipe

Updated: Apr 11

I prefer my coffee cold. I’m not patient enough to wait for a steeping hot cup of coffee to cool down a bit before I get to sip from it. And then the next thing I know, after being pre-occupied with most other things, it’s already too cold.

So I’d rather get it on with and have it cold as it should be from the get go. I prefer espresso frappuccinos but I’m fine on a daily basis with 3-in-1 coffee. I suppose the sugar counts more than the caffeine. And then some time a few years back, I discovered cold brew and fell in love with it! Real coffee (snob aficionados might call hehe) that’s easy to make and drink!

Paolo gifted me a cold brew pitcher from Rustans over last year’s holidays and I’ve only gotten around to using it more frequently lately (sub-consciously, I’ve been settling for 3-in-1 coffee throughout as I’ve been breastfeeding most of the year — still am and Paco’s turning 1 year old in less than a week! I’m calling it and having my daily brewed coffee already!)

It's a gloomy morning but my homemade vanilla cold brew with brown sugar makes me so happy! Mio woke up late but was brought to school on time. He's super liking being brought to school privately everyday since his fracture but we're hoping he recovers soon so we can get our one and only method of transportation back on work rotation; when it was Roux's turn to be brought to school and I gave my tight hug and usual I love yous and "be good in school" goodbye, she said, "I'm coming home too, Mommy." Sapakin ko to e 😂

I’ve posted about my homemade cold brew on my Instagram stories and have been getting requests to post the recipe of it. It’s nothing fancy, honestly! It’s not like I’m one to make anything complicated, let alone brew something crafty! But anyway, here goes:

How to Make a Vanilla Cold Brew

  1. put 4 spoons of your ground coffee (ours is Batangas Barako coffee);

  2. add 2 spoons of brown sugar (I like my coffee sweet so you can skip this if you prefer yours bitter);

  3. add 4 drops of vanilla flavor (if I had caramel syrup, I’d try that too! Or maybe put in toffeenut. Ooohhh…);

  4. fill with cold water;

  5. leave in your refrigirator overnight or at least 18 hours;

  6. enjoy!

My pitcher makes about 3 cups/ mugs so it’s just enough for a day. So as soon as the pitcher is clean, I make and pop it in the ref! I throw my used ground coffee in my plant pots to reuse as fertilizer. Seems to be helping too! (for those asking about my coffee scrubs, I don’t use used coffee in my Poco Baby Espresso Scrubs. I would use them on myself immediately though but won’t pack them for reselling since the water content have higher probability of retaining bacteria. You can use yours on yourself too!)

So there, I hope you like this easy peasy post!

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