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Stretch marks could very well be part of the top five things a woman does not want to see on her body. Believe me, I know. When I was pregnant with Mio, I did NOT have a mark on me. I used only a few products like lotion and organic shea butter, but none really of the products that were specifically to fend off those horrid stretch marks.

Now, I have to work really hard at keeping unsightly marks at bay. I guess this is what aging can do. Luckily, I seem to have a penchant for the right skin regimen that minimizes the effects of the inevitable yearly addition to my age. But as far as my little man is concerned, I’m not old. He reminds me constantly that I’m pretty (even on days that I probably look a little under the weather or off the radar, he still manages to say I’m “a little pretty”), and that no matter how old I am, his Dada and Anmom (my parents) are the old ones. Haha. Not really comforting, but the fact that he offers me what he believes to be a compliment, is.

I often wonder if his thoughtfulness is something that he’ll carry on with him until he has children of his own. I smile at the thought that he would have the innate charm to make his future wife blush with random compliments here and there as he does to me now at the age of 7, that he would have the right temperament to sooth a scraped knee while reminding his child about the perils of running. Mio will be a great husband and father, I’m sure of it. But not too soon I hope 



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