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Tips for a Clump-Free Mascara

I encounter so many people who ask me to skip applying mascara on them for the very hassle-reason of it creating clumps all over their sensitive lashes. Do it right and you’ll find that mascara can be your best friend!

1. Start with easy mascaras. Normally I’d recommend waterproof mascaras on any day. But if you’re just starting to experiment on how to use it and want it for everyday use, I suggest you work with a mascara that you can easily clean off but doesn’t smudge.

2. Find your magic wand. I particularly find that of all the mascara wands I’ve worked with in my 12 years of doing professional makeup, the newer mascaras like that of K-Palette have a non-brush type of wand that makes it easier to comb through the lashes instead of the tapered brushes. Find a mascara wand that addresses your needs. Want length? Those comb wands work best. Want volume? Tapered brushes work wonders but you’ll need lots of practice and patience. Want definition? Those ball-tipped wands are innovators in that department. And finally, if you want curly lashes, find the curved wands.

3. Clean slate. Make sure you’ve removed all your makeup from the day prior before putting on today’s makeup. If you had a hard time removing your waterproof mascara from last night and go on with your makeup routine today as usual, you’re definitely going to end up with clumps of two days’ worth of mascara on your lids.

4. Curl your lashes first. Use an eyelash curler before you apply the mascara. This ensures your have both curly and long, thick lashes without the clumps because obviously, you didn’t pinch them all with your sticky mascara after you’ve applied it, right? If you insist that your lashes tend to droop after mascara application that’s why you curl after, wait a few minutes before curling it and make sure to comb through.

5. Clean your wand. After applying mascara, quickly clean off the wand with a clean piece of tissue. This not only makes sure you don’t put back in a wand that’s possibly exposed to dirt and pulled-out lashes that tend to build up on the wand, but also makes sure you’re hygienic every time you take out your magic wand for another lash sesh. 6. Use of all the sides of the wand. When you apply mascara, avoid going back in and out of the mascara even when applying for both eyes. Use one side on the left eye and the other side of the wand on the right eye. Then use the tips to define the edges or to comb out lash hair stuck together. This makes sure you only use the right amount of product and minimize unnecessary excess mascara that will surely just clump on your lashes. Once you’ve gotten the hang of easy-to-use daily mascara, you can move up to waterproof volumizing ones.

7. Wiggle your wand. Start from the roots of your lash nearest the lid, wiggling it as you pull it towards the tips from the outer corner of your eyes and doing the same from the middle point to the inner corners. This allows for a fuller coat and the motion helps separate the lashes as you apply.

8. De-clump properly. If you find that your mascara is already clumping, use a wet cotton swab to smoothen it out and gently remove excess product. ​ Jasmine Mendiola is a makeup artist, style consultant, and writer. See her works at jasminemendiola.com and follow her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Article as seen on http://www.bdjbox.com 

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