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The Wonder That is Mio

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Mio for the past months since the absence of a yaya. I a complaining in some ways because its just not possible to accomplish work, make money and do the household chores let alone minding your child’s business all at the same time.

But in the midst of a chaotic non-existent co-parenting scheme and post-depression, I must say that the rewards are truly marvelous.

The irony is that I’d have to reach a peak of annoyance before the blessings become more apparent.

For instance, one morning while cramming to check my email and waking up on the wrong side of the bed (not to mention a messy house), I pick on Mio for the most trivial things related to him. “Why are your toys makalat?” “Why are your crocs there, where are you suppose to place them? Put them in your shoe rack!” And you know what my adorable son replied to my bickering?

“Thanks for reminding me, Mom.”

In between doing the grocery, buying tools to fix furniture in the house, taking and fetching Mio from school, doing bank errands and attending meetings in the office…. (phew! Even typing it left me short of breath!) Mio squeals at me “I’m annoyed now Mom! Coz I’m tired!” So impatient me asks impatient boy, “so what do you want Mom to do, can’t you see Mom’s having a hard time too?”

“I just want to lie down and embrace you Mom. Come on lets go home na to the condo.” And as soon as we rode the cab, he positions himself to lie on my lap with matching kiss pa on my leg.

While working on the computer he’d usually do his own thing beside me. He’d try to be rowdy sometimes, getting my attention by tickling or pronouncing words in odd vowels–one rowdy playtime he accidentally dropped a huge toy on my already injured toe and I ignore him completely. My son stoops down to kiss my toe and says, “sorry Mom. I kissed it so the owie will go away.”

And just now, home from doing the grocery and sitting on the floor after washing the dishes, I notice a toy by my perfume shelf (its a small fetish of mine, it even has a plate in the middle where the current favorite and a candle rests) and ask him annoyingly “what is that candy container doing there?”

“It’s for you Mom. Its a surprise. I was supposed to put it while you’re sleeping.”

He meant he wanted to put a marble on my plate while I sleep. You see, my son thinks I like some of his marbles because I lazily placed one on the plate when I found a piece lying on the floor. :T

And finally, yesterday while I took a nap in between cleaning house, I woke up in a sudden blackout only to realize that my son’s nose was centimeters away from my face. He wanted to kiss me while I was asleep.

How can you not fall in love with my son, right?

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