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The Past

Post-depression and a happy holiday after, nothing beats the high of realizing that all of 2008 was just like Christmas everyday.

To the lawyer and internet junkee – thank you for letting me fall in love again. Or for trying at least. That’s ok. Coz I fell in love with love a long time ago and it was nice sharing it with you.

To Summit and Total Girl – if separation anxiety was hard to overcome, it was because work had never felt so close to home like it did with you. It was great building a career and building (or rebuilding) my life with you.

Visions & Ideas, Beauty Bar, Weddings at Work – you’ve brought me places this year and have made happy endings beautiful in every sense of each word.

Kabbie – you are the best gift I ever received for my birthday. Thank you for walking into my life and inspiring me. I hope there’s more of you out there. I’m dying without you 🙂

On my new place, my new laptop, my newly rekindled friendships – I accomplished a lot this year and we’re gonna do so much more in 2009!

On Ely’s crew, the Helltop Gang, Kjwan, Mundi’s posse and the law school gang – It was fun all year round, thanks to you.

On the closure guy and those who have come back from my haunting past – I am committed to a beautiful boy and I have tons of loved ones. Spare me the drama you inject in my life. As much as I enjoy your company I would just really like the rest of my life some peace and contentment. One of you should be the one and its time to step up or go out.

This 2009 – i’m travelling out of the country – i’m saving -i’m gonna quit smoking (last yosi at the struck of midnight!) – i’m gonna go vegetarian (or pesco an some steak on special occasions coz Mio is practically one) – i’m putting structure in my life. if it entails something consistent, regular and a schedule why not?

5 steps to a good year. Happy New Year! Hopefully its a start I can’t go wrong with.


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