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The Bitch

Ang kapal ng mukha ng cancer noh. basta nlng a-attack sa walang kamalay-malay na tao. Sa anak ko pa. Pano ka magagalit sa molecular cells na walang konsensya? Its unfair for this disease to threaten my son’s well-being & break everyone’s hearts. My heart? Fine. This is Mio’s battle but its not even a war he chose to fight.

All my son wanted, from what i gathered throughout his 5-year existence was to be a happy baby spending all his time with Mommy. Fine. Is it my fault I’m not spending enough time w/ him that’s why this bitch come trampling on him so i can save him? D ba alam ng kanser na ung inatake nyang bata e anak ng nanay na kailangan magtrabaho? I happen to have the best job in the world that i enjoy enough to provide for that young man tas anong gusto nyang gawin ko? Ang kapal kapal!!!

My son remains strong & happy, buti nlng ang daming nagmamahal sakanya, akala siguro ng kanser na to mauubusan ng lakas ng loob ung mga inaapektuhan nya. And aside from her direct effect on my son, d ko ma-take na my dad’s blood pressure is rising, my Mom, sister, relatives & friends are crying. Ang hirap kaya ng buhay ng walang cancer tapos hihirit ka pa! Yun lng. Gusto ko magalit kasi buti sana kung masama kmeng tao o pinanganak sa walang kwentang tao si Mio. Kaso hindi e! Gusto ko man tigil ung hatred in my heart, you know too well who deserves to be this ill. Fine. No one does.

But my son? My beautiful son? How dare you. Jusko. You want me to fight and be there on the front line, fuck pick on someone your own size bitch! Hindi ung helpless na bata! Cancer and Mio’s father are sooooo evil to even want to hurt Mio and I’m gonna make sure I’ll beat the shit out of this cancer like his father. if miracles & prayer can’t make you go away, i’ll make sure I kick you out and beat you to pieces. Shet.


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