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Thank you Themes & Motifs!

This weekend MioFightsCancer was given a sweet spot at the Themes & Motifs Wedding Expo at the SMX Convention Center!  We were there to share the Mio Alphabet with happy couples and other merry individuals.  It was a 2-day event that really filled us up with joy in our hearts as we watched passersby looked at and bought our merchandise.  But before I go on and on about the festivities that happened at the fair itself, let me paint you a picture of the preparations that came with it!

Of course there was the production phase, also known as making sure our products are all packed and ready for shipping, as they say.  So little Mio helped us in accomplishing this task by actually packing some of his stuff to sell.

The production phase is not just physically tiring, but the stress that goes into planning until the goods are in your hands, ugh, that’s a different story! Hoping everything will be done by the time we need them!  Fortunately we had some help with this from CCJ Printmaster, who printed most of the paper products like the greeting cards, notepads, wrappers and gift tags!  

Then came the time to ingress, and we had to borrow a car that could fit all the stuff, then we set out for Pasay, and upon getting there, of course all the other suppliers were moving about to get started on theirs too.  We had to be careful not to get in the way of the others who really did constructions for their booths and also to make sure we don’t trip on any of the curtains or management cables lying around.  There was a hodgepodge of interesting things everywhere—from knickknacks to big ones like a kalesa, limousines (of course!) and there was even a Porsche!  Boy, weddings really bring out the creativity of people I tell you.

After this frantic Friday came a swinging Saturday and a stellar Sunday thanks to the appearance of many friends, new acquaintances and of course family.  Mio came by on Sunday to check out his booth and he also tried his hand at selling!  Here he is, posing with a follower of MioFightsCancer who bought 5 of the notepads that he was personally selling.

Overall, the weekend was a blast!  And our book, something to look forward to again next year 😉


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