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Techy Reader?

Kids these days really have a penchant for technology.  All cartoon networks have all sorts of games and activities on their websites, which of course means kids “need” access to the World Wide Web.  Facebook has also done wonders for the avid gamer’s soul with all the super addictive games they come up with.  Gone are the days when kids’ afternoons are composed of bike rides around the village, hopscotch on the driveway, sidewalk chalks and afternoon walks… Sigh.  On the off chance that some outdoor playing presents itself, we grab the opportunity.  Like for instance, borrowing a friend’s dog for the afternoon gave Mio the chance to experience walking a dog in this very pet-friendly neighbourhood . 

Mio with Dior, Alyanna Martinez (new neighbor and colleague in the styling business)’s baby labrador

But to get back on track here, this whole internet hullabaloo has got me thinking.  Does this phenomenon change the default answer of kids to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” from “doctor” to “database designer jobs”?  Well, in my case, I ask Mio this question quite frequently and so far, his answer is still “artist”, with the added dream of “basketball player”.  But I think it’s only a matter of time until he, or other kids for that matter, answer something geeky or techy, which parents would have to look up with the help of Google. 

Another concern that comes around in this age of technological advancement is how to get kids to read more.  I’ve long accepted that there are people born predisposed to reading more than others, I being part of the latter, but I would really love for Mio to be able to immerse himself in the wonders of reading.  I’ve recently only taken a liking to the Harry Potter books (yes, I know, I know), but I now understand the awesomeness of the phenomenon.  I even remember childhood series’ Choose Your Own Adventure because of the new editions they have out, as well as Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High.  Mio’s interest is not really nonexistent, just, hesitant or narrow I think.  So I try to broaden his horizons by regular visits to the bookstore.  More often than not though, he still goes for the activity books and whatnot that he can finish in one sitting.  And with prices of children’s books skyrocketing, I sometimes have to refuse to buy him these indulgences.  I always hope he wanders off to the Ladybird Classics’ corner or the Greek Mythology section, but unfortunately he hasn’t (even when I purposely position myself right in front of them!).

Mio reading a magazine while waiting to board the plane HK bound. 

Does mythology or the classics come in comics, too?

I hope someday he does pick up the habit of reading more than playing video games.  Perhaps when he’s more aware that as high school and college near, he’s going to have to read a truckload of things, maybe THEN he’ll appreciate the little nudges I made here and there J Until then, hello Nintendo.

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