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Talk About the Weather

Since experiencing postponement of classes, Mio’s been curious with the weather. Although he’s always known if it’s a sunny day, rainy day or a cloudy day… lately, he realized that we only have 2 kinds of seasons in the Philippines and asks why, what time and where in the world there’s snow.

He’s been aware that his Make A Wish Foundation grant to go to Hong Kong Disneyland was postponed to next month (hopefully the scarlet fever has left the air by then) and has been asking if there’d be snow aside from Lightning McQueen. Would we need jackets, mittens, HD snow digital camera goggles or a sleigh? His curiosity is endless! Can you help me describe to him how Disneyland is going to be like? It’s a dream come true for me too as I haven’t been to Disneyland–or to any other country besides here or Singapore for that matter! 

Yes, the weather excites us 🙂


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