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Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies! I am so overwhelmed with swarm of greetings through text and my Facebook wall from all over. Like this one of Azta Urban Salon. Thank you for the chance to feel well-taken cared of every month and for greeting me in such a special way today 🙂

I got several photos and Dianne’s wall post made me smile the most:

It reminds me of — my Mom. The truth is, my Mom is THE super mom. Not me. I’m not sure if she’d be flattered to know that I give her all the credit for my courage and strength. Her kind of compassion and faithfulness, in my opinion, are the very values that make me and my sister seem so good at taking care of our kids, the best way we know how.

My mother is far from perfect but she tries very hard to be with the most that she has and can. I remember her always reminding me that we cannot get everything we want and that we had to work hard for them; that the time will come that I’ll be able to provide for myself but that for that time being, when I was very young, she had to make sure I had what I needed and nothing more. My Dad of course compensated for that with his own unique gestures but my Mom’s firm stance and her ability to use the little time and resources that she had making yummy candies like polvoron, candied yema and pastillas–selling softdrinks in our garage for all the sari-sari stores in the village and learning how to drive on her own are all that I grew up with to witness and probably apply in my adult life.

My Mom is a devout Catholic and nothing got in the way of her going to church everyday and praying in the ungodly hours of the morning. She cried in prayer when she felt that us, her children seem to be lost but her faith keeps her sane and grounded that she was raised us well and that we have produced equally, if not better, sweeter and smarter kids.

My Mom, more than anything else, is the best grandmother which I think makes mothers the bestEST. She has stood by Mio on my behalf during the most crucial times that I needed more than one of me to perform work and parental duties and she has built a home that Mio and I can always call ours and come home to.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. And to all the mothers who struggle with the daily hardships of life, I hope today you realize that everyday is a family day–not just for moms, dads or kids. We’re all super in our own ways.


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