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Stomping Ground

Mio is not a baby anymore. And he has his own mind. He picks his own clothes at the age of 2 and refused to wear the rubber shoes I prepared along his shirt. He insisted on his black leather ones one time. He complains if I put him in a sando when going out and he cried when he realized we were walking to the office in our pambahay because he’s not dressed to go out. He eats vegetables and scolds me when I forget to buy his fruits. Last night, I proudly told him I got him mangoes and he said, “you forgot the bananas. Bananas will make me strong, Mom. You should buy me bananas.” With matching strong arms gesture. Feeling macho.

My guy friends tease me coz Mio’s more inclined to drawing, dancing and singing. Although he loves cars and robots and collects golf clubs and all sorts of balls, he’d rather be drawing while watching and singing along his favorite cartoons. Guys think these are early signs that he’s turning gay. And although I don’t mind (save for the identity crisis and adolescent drama when he realizes he doesn’t have a dad… although when you ask him now, he’d say, “i don’t have a dad” in a nonchalant way), I think he’s turning out to be an artist. I asked him if he wanted to take up soccer during weekends (he can’t quite figure out why he can have 2 schools and he won’t leave his school now, that’s for sure), he’d like to study playing the drums instead. So good luck with that.

Last week, we received a package from Plueys and my son, loyal to his Crocs, gave it a shot and pleasantly said, “its raining tonight Mom. Maybe I can wear my boots to school tomorrow.” Smart ass.

With a groggy head, I quickly snapped and sat up to catch him exiting the door and I’m like “I’m suppose to be the one telling you to stay home!” ang kulit namin i swear


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