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StART With Mio

The Mendiola clan (ours at least) have an annual reunion (aside from our year-long events like the Pabasa, Undas and Sunday get-togethers that I hardly get to join. Boo). The reunion takes place during Christmas, the day after our late Inang’s birthday. Its special to us, all the way from my Daddy’s siblings, down to us cousins and our children. I’d like to think this i precisely the reason why we have a closely knit family because the bigger clan is already close that way, what more the small unit families. Its unique really. We have binggo, games and paagaw! We also share a Newsletter updating each other of the whereabouts of each family’s family members since some of our relatives have settled in the States and in other countries. Not to mention the size of the clan! We’re 80+ and counting! And we’re all really close. No kidding.

This year’s newsletter theme was decided on earlier because it takes so much time to follow up articles from relatives (mine included). Fitting enough, the theme chosen was “rennaissance” like it was a foreshadowing of the kind of ephiphanies we’ll have this year since Mio had cancer.

I haven’t really gotten into details of how I’ll go about with my article, but what’s for sure is that I’ve decided on an angle that relays a parallelism on Mio’s current plight to how it was when he was born.

I’m really hoping that in one way or another, Mio’s tender life experiences plant a seed of hope to those who are going through the same or a similar illness; a seed of love to those who have for long been harboring ill feelings; a seed of charity to those who need it and in the hearts of those who may need an ounce of generosity (coming from a beggar, its enlightening to find peace and a sense of belongingness when a stranger takes you in their hearts and leaves a penny worth more than a gesture of love–its breathtaking how a gesture of kindness to one who needs it instigates a life-long cause to do the same and so much more); plant a seed of happiness to those who have the privilege of witnessing such marvelous works of art and owning one, coveting a masterpiece that speaks a thousand words and reaches out to a hundred of hearts with a number of strokes.

Its pure genius how this project unfolded, I cannot begin to describe how wonderful and talented my friends have been for extending theirselves to Mio this much. Please share in  a small banquet of cocktails and good cheer since its the holidays. We’ll be there not just for Mio but to celebrate art in all its splendor! I sound so prolific with the words I use only because I sincerely do LOVE LOVE LOVE the results, I am excitedly anticipating tomorrow’s launch. Please come support 🙂 If you can’t drop by tomorrow, the exhibit will be on display until the 21st of December. Please do drop by Gallery 7 in Eastwood before we move it to the other branch, especially for those who live nearby.

How about you? Won’t you stART something too? StART a hobby, an advocacy to support Filipino art, or to help kids with cancer, or simply start giving gifts that truly matter! We’ve received our gift way back in August, all I can ask for is for you to continue praying. And it stARTs with a little creativity and lo and behold, Mio.

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