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Speaking of Miracles

… look who dropped by in one of Mio’s chemo sessions….

(Mio with Denise Laurel & Maja Salvador)

These girls, if you must know, are actually strangers to us prior to some weeks ago. It was like sunshine through a window during a rainy day when Denise walked in Dr. Racho’s clinic armed with a birthday wish to share her blessings to Mio–and hopefully to other cancer-stricken kids.

She’s celebrating her birthday on Sept. 30 and her best friend Maja is also turning a year older a week after. It is a miracle that in weeks, they were able to book The Music Museum and gather a roster of talents that I can only dream of seeing in one stage altogether. And they’re doing it to help us raise funds for Mio.

Mio Fights Cancer : The Benefit Concert is set on Denise Laurel’s birthday, Sept. 30, Wednesday at the Music Museum. Tickets are sold at P300, P500 & P700 and will be available at ticketworld in a few days. Lets begin a series of miracles on that day. We’ll be inviting Mio’s chemomates so they can witness miracles the way we have. They are the tesimonies that Mio, like them, will grow up to have a normal life in spite of cancer. Whereas, Denise and her friends namely Maja, All Stars, Young JV, Marcus Davis, Jay-R, Kris LAwrence, Carla & Nikki Guevarra, Salamin, Kjwan, Kaye Abad, Archipelago, Pupil (of which one of Mio’s ninongs is a member of, Yan Yuzon), Imago, Severo, JP David, Akafellas, Saab & Maxene Magalona, The Pin-Up Girls, among others will prove that goodness knows no status in life or friends or strangers… its just plain kindness and the innate goodness of people sharing their miracles and making them happen everyday.

I really feel so blessed. What with all these people helping out to top off Mio’s unconditional love for me and all of my family who is blessed by his presence in our life. Kids are gifts of God. His life is just as important as anyone else’s and it is an honor that we have been given a chance to see it clearly. We hope you see us through as the road to witnessing life in this perspective is long and hard.

But on Sept. 30, fight with us and kick it off with a bit of fun for those who find it a good gig to go to. Its hosted by Sarah Meier-Albano, Mo Twister, Grace Lee & Mojo Jojo. Check on the Facebook event please 🙂

Thank you friends and strangers. A single mom can’t ask for anything more when she’s armed with Mio Warriors like you. Thank you 🙂


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