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Skincare is Everything

Everytime I’m gearing up for a long week, I wake up on a free weekend with the intent of doing absolutely nothing and everything to feel good in my skin. I am an advocate of self care and a skincare regimen — whether you have it done at a facial spa regularly or DIY it at home — should become a ritual! Here’s how I usually do mine: 

  1. Took off my looooong skin ritual with a Clarisonic brush pass

  2. Followed by my mask of choice, the @herbivorebotanicals Pink Clay (gently exfoliating floral and clay mask made of french pink clay, organic rosehip powder, organic rose powder and organic chamomile powder). Super effort to mix but smells and feels good after. 

  3. Then I’ll do a turmeric body scrub…

  4. my high-maintenance hair’s purple shampoo and hair treatment trio

  5. a nice coffee mint wash

  6. end with an oatmeal shower oil;

  7. and a good rub of orange body butter and argan and coconut oils in the crevices of my very dry hand and toe nails and all over. 

  8. And for my face, apply my avocado and honey ceramide eye creams

  9. Matsuge Biyou-Eki lash serum

  10. peppermint lip scrub

  11. jade roller my new @luminisce_official Pure Olives & Wild Berry brightening face moisturizer probably until noon!

  12. Oil pulling

  13. foot socking

  14. hydro gel masking

Haha. Just thinking about it makes me feel energized already! 🌸 how’s your weekend going to be like?


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