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Setting Things in Motion

I am truly inspired and deeply touched by all the support everyone is throwing our way. My son remains oblivious of his disease but someday, I will make sure that all your well wishes and help will be personally repaid or paid forward by Mio. Like I said, there is no way for him not to grow up to be the kind of man who is smart, good and handsome. You have equipped him with all things good to not only survive this illness but you are providing him tools to life skills and lessons that no other child could ever learn in school. Thank you. I will forever be in debted to all of you.

How do I begin to beg? I humbly admit that yes, we do need your help. I would have wanted Mio to have a normal life and yet here we are faced with the biggest battle. There are warriors putting things in motion and if you’d like to extend your help, no matter how little or how far, it would be an honor for us if you’d bet on my son’s life by participating, sharing the word or simply looking into these projects that Mio’s loved ones are preparing for us.

1) Financial Aid

Our immediate need is to get through the induction stage of his medication and the hospital bills are shooting up fast. Mio’s godmother has opened a bank account solely for the purpose of donations intended for Mio.

BDO (Banco de Oro) Junior Savings Account# 3520070809 Account name: Jose Emilio Mendiola Branch: Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City

If you’d like to confirm the receipt of your donation, kindly email miofightscancer@gmail.com

2) Blood Donations

As of now, Mio has only had four blood tranfusions. According to the doctors, the first month is the time when blood transfusion is needed the most. In case you are willing to donate, he is a B+ blood type. Its better if the blood donated to him is already type specific, said the doctor. You may go directly to the St. Luke’s blood bank and kindly specify that you’re donating blood for Dr. Allan Racho’s patient, Jose Emilio C. Mendiola *as of his last hospitalization, we’ve realized that donated blood turns out more expensive as it has to be screened for several viruses/ illnesses and filtered before it is transmitted. We’re trying to find a way to get around it by looking for Red Cross contacts and find out the organization’s arrangement with the hospital for donated blood. Any leads on that would be greatly appreciated.

3) Beauty Can Fight Cancer

A former colleague of mine from Summit Media, Frances Sales has blogged about Mio and has took upon herself to sell some beauty items to help us raise funds. Link her up, check her site, promote it or if you’d like to do a similar effort, just link up my Facebook or comment to supplement these efforts. We would be more than grateful for it.

4) Prayer Rallies & Make A Wish Grants

Ray Ticsay, an Art Director in Singapore and a former colleague of mine is coming up with a prayer rally called Mio’clock. He’s building a logo to initiate prayers at 8am, the time Mio was born, to be sent to the high heavens for Mio’s recovery.

Kindly hit them up on their Facebook pages, Ray Ticsay & Leslie Lee if you’d like to know more on the efforts done for this cause 🙂

5) Fund Raising

Another godmother of Mio, Jean Madrid has taken upon herself to be the point person/ representative in coordinating projects that you might think of. Kindly get in touch with her if you have ideas because we really need more heads than just mine in making money to fund Mio’s treatment. Her digits are +639175719203.

I’m really so blessed to have the following people offer their support in creative ways like these. If you’d like to participate and support ideas pitched by the following people, I would be more than happy to link you up and expound on how Mio’s dreams can come true, thanks to you.

– Mio the Artist. Alessa Libongco had the brilliant idea of using Mio’s drawings as a template for some artsy things. Mio wants to be an artist anyway. If you have something in mind and would like to contribute your creative ideas to a cause like this, kindly look her up on my Facebook or holler so we can hook you up. an Art auction–spinning off from Ala Paredes’ efforts will also be in the works soon. Please hit up http://miotheartist.blogspot.com for updats once its up. – MioMondays. Pino Restaurant in 122 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village will be hosting a series of set menu dinners on selected monday starting October 12 until December. A 5-course meal especially prepared by chef Edward Bugia will be served to guests who wish to reserve seats in advance at a premium price of P2,000 a plate. Proceeds go to Mio’s medication. Please check http://pinipinopino.multiply.com

– Benefit Gig. Martha Herrera and some friends who I think would prefer to be anonymous for now (correct me if I’m wrong) have gathered their networks and invited some bands to play and Storm the Gates of Heaven for Emilio. They’re currently looking for sponsors and a venue to host the event. I’d like to call out to my friends in the music industry to participate and the music fanatics to support. Send us an email at miofightscancer@gmail.com

– Mio Can. Pwede rin namang hindi piso 🙂 but a good friend of mine, Ara Fernando informed me that she’s decorating a can that she’ll bring around to solicit donations for Mio. If you chance upon her, please drop a coin or two or a change bill from your pocket. If you’d like to make one too, that would be nice. Charisse (contact person for financial aid) is also monitoring the production of the cans along with my brother-in-law, Mike Manalo. You may email miofightscancer@gmail.com if you’d like to have one and we’d be more than happy to make/ deliver you one.

Its 5:20am again and we just woke up the leukiboy for some medicines and another blood transfusion. He’ll be receiving another medication as part of his treatment through his IV in an hour. Your desire to help, your prayers and your support keep me going and I sincerely hope hindi kayo magsawa ipagdasal si Mio. Maraming maraming salamat po.

PS. If you’re interested in volunteering your efforts, there’s also a celebrity auction and garage sale being set up. Please email miofightscancer@gmail.com with subject VOLUNTEER and send in your name, age, work/school level course, contact number and email address. Thank you so much!



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