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Sage the $#!+ Away!

Updated: Apr 11

No moon event but had a compelling need to sage the *#!+ away throughout the house last night ✨ for no reason and without a ritual guide (I wasn’t feeling threatened at all. In fact, last night ended early with a serenity that we had been super productive the whole day — we also managed to cut 1 credit card! Or maybe I was feeling a bit anxious about an approval we’re waiting for for a project before we can say all systems go!) 💸

I picked my son’s old school alarm clock (the one that really rings like a bell in the absence of a real one) and went up corner to corner from the top floor going down while praying for abundance of wealth, prosperity and good fortune. Specifically those. I rang the clock on every corner as I held the tourmaline casting out all negative energies we could have carried inside; saged and burnt the palo santo and waved it around inside every room. Then I picked up the selenite like a magic wand as I drew imaginary beams of light on every person in the house and thought of our family and loved ones who weren’t with us, praying for their happiness, health, protection and that they always feel loved. And then ended each space by spraying it with distilled water filled with essential oils of release, abundance and joy blends energised with tiny crystals inside the bottle (what were the small round black crystals you put inside that bottle again @miqowithaq when you cleared our space?)

Mio asked me, “is this a new religion?” And I said, “no. It’s just how I harness energy.” I wish I said that these rituals in fact remind me more to pray. And pray for the good things and not just pray chants from memory. I wish I had a way of knowing if I’m doing it right though. Pao said, he read or watched somewhere that our faith, beliefs or even the legacy we — in different ways, aim to pass on to our children or share to the world, when you think about it in a more universal concept, are our energies. And I want mine to be the fervent worker whose intentions are actually manifested, lit by the life of the crystals I leave around; my daughter’s memory of us making magic whenever she smells the after-burnt sweetness of the sage and palo santo combined.

I was never comfortable with the concept of money or dreamt of being rich. But we really do need some financial security and the best way we know how to be is by working super hard. I hope it pays off and prays off.


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