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I get a bit partial when Mio wants to get books instead of toys when he redeems his 100 points mainly because I want him to be more inclined to reading. I was a fan of the Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley books, Archie comics and other pocket books when I was younger but I grew out of my fondness for reading soon as I stepped into high school and I regret that now, especially since I feel that the lack of literature stunts my vocabulary for writing.

So we give him more points when he opts to read and when he’s penalized for not finishing his food, we encourage him to read since he can’t watch tv or play video games (our way of saving electricity too!) Thankfully, Mio has received a few books throughout his childhood and the most recent one is a compilation of classic stories from our dear Sanko, our ever thoughtful Tita Thelma (his wife) and my cousins and is becoming our favorite by the day!

Mio’s Tita Clems has found a way of adding this excitement for reading by making Mio read 30 minutes every afternoon after homework. She makes this effective by reading along with him. We have proven it works because Mio came up to her one time and said, “I want to read.” When he was told that he could, he quickly adds, “I want to read with you.” So I guess this is a classic case of walk your talk and lead through example, huh?

To top this off, Mio is also learning new words and not just acquiring a great habit investment. He is asked to underline words he cannot understand and we get to explain to him afterwards what those words mean. Once Mio finishes this thick classic compilation, he’s off to borrowing books from his school library (the old-fashioned way!) and I have my cousin Pizza to thank for cause I have a magic list of books he should be reading by now.

I never though I’d get this excited but I am! 😀

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