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Updated: Apr 11

I pulled out my first 3 cards from my Practical Magic Starter Deck this morning (a month since I got it, I know! It never felt like the right time if I wasn’t going to be able to fully immerse myself into it) and followed its zine guide step-by-step. After I gave it a good shuffle, I focused on the most impending issue I personally have during this time of the year, which is

“what do I need to know about my financial abundance?”

Since my Crystal Access with Rodina Chua of The Healing House, I have received reminders that I tend to take steps back instead of forward in my quest for creating confidently, thus prohibiting me from fully manifesting abundance, and instead redirect my energy to solutions rather my problems at hand.

I immediately did a multiple card reading, pulling out 3 cards with the qualifier for each of Do – Don’t – Continue.

In this order: The Charmer: Knight of Cups, 10 of Swords (catchphrase: I’ve had it up to here) & 3 of spectacles (catchphrase Collaboration)

I’m waiting on Chinggay Labrador’s insights on my first reading but I went ahead and Googled the meaning of the corresponding traditional cards and found these on biddytarot.com

The Knight of Cups is seen as a young knight, riding along on his white horse, holding a cup as if he is a messenger of some type. Unlike the Knight of Wands or the Knight of Swords, the Knight of Cups is not charging along but rather his horse moves slowly forward, giving an impression of calmness and peace. The horse represents power, energy, and drive, and of course the colour white is a symbol of purity, spirituality, and light. The Knight wears a cloak covered with images of fish, the symbol of the spirit, consciousness and creativity. His helmet and feet are winged, a symbol of an active and creative imagination.

The Ten of Swords shows a man lying face down with ten long swords embedded in his back. A red cape is draped over the lower half of his body, while his top half remains unclothed. The sky above him is pitch black and there is a general feeling of pain, loss, and misfortune. However, despite these ominous images, there are positive aspects to this card. The sea before which the body lies is still and calm and the sun is rising in the distance beyond the mountains, indicating that the darkness will soon be dispelled. Thus, each new beginning must come from an end, and with every defeat are sown the seeds of future victory.

The Three of Pentacles shows a young apprentice working in a cathedral. In front of him stand two architects who are holding the plans for the cathedral. The apprentice appears to be discussing his progress so far with two architects and even though he is less experienced, the architects listen carefully as they value his opinion and his specialist knowledge. There is also an acknowledgement that this young man is an essential contributor to the completion of the cathedral and the architects want to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

My Reading

Do – The Charmer: Knight of Cups

I have been told that I tend to be weak with the color WHITE. I wear it and is the color of my name (Jasmine the flower) but hardly feel confident in it. I feel like the “horse not charging along”. But the reminders of “wearing the spirit, consciousness and creativity” resonate with me as if telling me to GO ALONG CALMLY WITH MY ACTIVE AND CREATIVE IMAGINATION.

Don’t – 10 of Swords

I wasn’t able to take in consideration if I pulled the cards out upside down or upright so I’m literally just reading it based on how it looks. Since my qualifier for this card is DON’T, I prefer to literally translate that onto the catch phrase of the card from this deck and read “Don’t [have] it up to here”, which to me means that I have to keep pushing in spite of the “general darkness, pain, loss and misfortune”. Hopefully that doesn’t throw me off in a frenzy of blind trust and harness more trust in the universe’s unique plan.

Continue – The Three of Pentacles

I panicked soon as I pulled out the cards and immediately sent a message to Chinggay asking “what does it mean?” and upon reading, I had an even greater appreciation of the deck because it literally is a Collaboration! A term so close and dear to my heart and the epitomy of my work ethic. So to be given a sign that I should literally continue on this path is very reassuring.

What do you think?

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