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P40 and beyond. That’s how rich I feel we are right now.

It may seem so trivial considering how big cancer is but any Mom can relate to me when I say that I am ecstatic that my son passed the Ateneo Grade School entrance exam! It could have been any school to be quite honest and I would have been happy to have come to a decision considering all of the limitations his illness has presented: late application, late enrollment, financial constraints, possible social trauma, fatigue, frequent absences because of his future chemo schedules, etc.

But I left it up to God with a little intervention knowing fully well that He helps those who help themselves. I looked all over and I bothered so many schools along the way just to find the right fit. I was told that a small school can be more considerate of his situation and I can probably afford it more (or so I thought because some have really reasonable prices considering the spectrum of expertise and credentials and unlimited possibilites the school can provide for a thirsty brain of a child) and Mio would probably shine more but at the back of my head, I had this nagging feeling of pursuing the only thing concrete in the vision I had of how I would want Mio to be. For as far as I can remember, the moment I knew that I was carrying a boy in my tummy, having gone through my pregnancy while in college, I got a lot of snide remarks saying, “dapat Atenista yan ah!” imagine the pressure I put on myself! I was a pregnant single woman hardly out of college and I had to plan how to get from that point to sending a child to a university.

Its nice to know that some of the things we planned, in spite of the hurdles of cancer, illness, monetary limitations and learning backlogs, my son made it. As if he wasn’t sick at all! He walked out of the examiner’s room tugging my dress and said, “I answered in complete sentences Mom.” Just like I told him he should. 

I am so excited and I have my Lord to thank and all those who pray everyday that Mio will be well. Look at him now. He is an atenista and although a scholarship is a long shot I will work tirelessly to be able to enroll him and provide him with all that is good for him. Going to school and making him well simultaneously.

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