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I was set to go straight home after doing my sister-bonding with Ate over Sex & The City The Movie but this one’s gotta go in writing so I dropped by the office and overlooked checking my mail like I usually do and went straight to my blog which I have been doing a very good job at ignoring to say the least…

I am on a natural high over being so jologs. You’d think after working with celebrities for four years I’d get used to it. But no. This beats the giddy feeling over our Kobe encounter in Cuisine last year. Seriously.

I am so high my energy is woah. Aside from the labels and the oh-so-enlightening and inspiring writing the movie rolled on me, my super kajologan story is really something I’m not gonna get tired of telling… well. Unless it becomes too overrated after next week.

Well, you see, I’ve been working on this early fashion ed shoot for my August issue with Julia Barretto, the daughter of Marjorie and endorser of Palmolive’s Fashion Girl shampoo and it’s been crazy how I”m juggling 3 locations and schedules of a team comprised of at least 6 people. I’ve been calling her handler, the account manager for the brand, my publisher, my boss and God knows who else just to fix this all week. Not to mention how many stores I’ve been hopping to just to scout the perfect outfits (it is after all our celebrity special and right smack in the middle of my trend forecast season).

So there you go, me handling a fashion ed shoot with an up-and-coming-mini-celeb. So-so. So what?

My sister and I walk out of the movie house quite overwhelmed as it is with the movie while another pair of sisters walk behind us. Except that this pair had an entourage and mini-me s of them. Gretchen and Marjorie, well how about that? So the jologs in me couldn’t help it! What with all the trouble going through so many people just to get Julia’s schedule for next week (apparently, an 11 year old can have such a hectic schedule nowadays), why not go straight to the mother and ask? So here’s how it went:

Me: (to gretchen who was right behind me on the escalator) Excuse Me. (to Marjorie) Miss Marjorie? I’m sorry I couldn’t help it, my name is Jasmine Mendiola, I’m the Fashion and Beauty Editor of Total Girl Magazine…. Marjorie: (interrupting) oh! My daughter Julia has a shoot with you. It’s not this Friday na noh? She’s so excited. Me: Yes! That’s why I said I couldn’t help introduce myself. I’m trying to fix everyone’s sched. We couldn’t book a photog for Friday so we rescheduled it for next week. I’m talking to Issa (her handler) for Julia’s schedule. Gretchen: (interrupting!) hi, I’m Gretchen. (ang sosyal ko dba?! Si Greta na ang nagpapakilala sakin! My gosh, I’m so jologs, and you think my nephew has already designed a dress for this celebrity ha! And I think I’ve had my fair share of celebrity friends, ang jologs ko na talaga!) Me: (shaking her hand) I’m Jasmine. This is my ate, Joee (poking on my sister pretending to be deadma to the world, texting kunwari) Gretchen: Joee this is MY ate, Marjorie. (o dba? Sister bonding to the highest level! Ang taas namin! I felt so jologs na at this point but I was keeping it together. I’m not a fan. I’m not a fan. I’m a colleague. I am a member of your industry. Repeat until true. I am carrying my LV. Smile)

smile, smile, smile 🙂 talk talk talk. I flt so accomplished being so productive all day, doing oculars for the locations for my shoots, making calls, visiting stores, getting permits and this! Getting to brief the talent herself! Oh so efficient!

Well. There you go. We did our goodbyes by the end of the escalator ride (as if ang haba) see you next week, beso beso. Panalo.

And my sister all this time was mumbling “ang jologs mo, jay” while I was “i think I handled it pretty well. Sana nagpa-picture tyo!” mwahahahahaha!!!!

I’ve seen Dawn and Lea and God-knows-who. I style these people for crying out loud and I twitter at the thought that I had the courage to do that.

Well. It was for work you know. Don’t you just love my job? Well. It is true. You can never have enough of celebrities or showbusiness. I love showbusiness 🙂

There’s my amusing entry that’ll last me for weeks. Enjoy 🙂


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