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Of Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Mio opened his back-to-school week with a rockin’ report on mammals (yes, nursery students study science like they were in grade 4). I tried to simplify his report with a simple script he amazingly memorized overnight that went something like “dogs, cats and hamsters are mammals that live in a farm…. the giraffe is the tallest mammal, the cheetah is the fastest mammal…” yada yada yada.

This week they moved on to more in depth topics like the diets of mammals and the different kinds of mammals. To my surprise, he comes home with new stock knowledge —

Mio : Mom I like vertebrates because they’re animals that have backbones and hearts. Mom : What animals are vertebrates then? Mio : Lions and cats. And people Mom! Mom : Ok… so what are invertebrates? Mio : hmmmm….. maybe turtles and snakes.

No wonder Mio doesn’t want to have a daddy ;p invertebrate kasi. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sorry, I’ve been dying to say it out loud to Mio so I decided to humor everyone else and just blog what was at the back of my head throughout that witty conversation with my son. :T

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