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Notes on my E6i

August 26, 2008 (to the closure guy) The nights are longer The days seem forever but you’re still not here

There is comfort in thinking merely thinking I mean something to you somehow Comfort me in believing

That the time you give means I’m worth your time Your momentary affection And your love so divine

It takes forever Still you are not here

September 19, 2008 (reflections on contentment) The days are longer when you’re not in love Your mornings drag itself to noon and eating becomes such a glorious pasttime. Your night outs never seem to end and all the giggles under the moolight restore your youth. The people you meet bombard you in slowmo and they never seem to grow less fond of you. Family and friendships seem like ages of triumph and affection.

It’s overwhelming in fact. Even the blissful moments when you realize you are happy for no reason but yourself linger on much longer.

Yet catching yourself in trance takes you on an even longer ride. Songs are stretched on to reflective moods and you catch yourself wondering every now and then.. “when will I fall in love again?”

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