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Mystic Matters

I couldn’t wait for my Natal Chart reading to be shipped and found myself in between appointments, so I took a leap of faith and decided to drop by #MysticMatter this afternoon to pick up my box instead. My favorite part of my reading was the consistent presence of feminine guides, my Twelfth House calling out to my emotions and reaffirming my recent Crystal Access clearing’s outcry for me to tap into my creativity, learn new things, be PATIENT (this message again?? Hehe) and continue on this spiritual path.

I got so inspired by this that I got myself @practical_magical ‘s deck of cards and already, I want to build a Spotify Playlist based on it!

My reading was accompanied by a meditative blend to complement the energy of my chart by @radioactivemushroomsitf in Air to help me “find the space (I) need, to gather (my) thoughts or to free (my) mind from those which no longer serve (me). It was mindfully made by @curiouswiji for those who need a breather. A sparkling blend of bergamot, chamomile, frangipani, lotus and sandalwood. (Of course I wasn’t going away without taking home a fresh batch of Imagination Tints in new shades of Champagne and revived Kitsune!)

In spite of being a water sign (Cancer), the jewellery picked out for me through these creative people was a piece that borrows powers from a sign of an energy that I needed, not that which I already had. So instead of the Cancer Three River Necklace that I almost took (cause Cancerian, water sign, obviously?) I was cautioned that the prescription for me was the Aries Volcano Ring, a Fire sign power to ignite that which has been stirring up inside– like the feelings I tucked away, the projects I’ve been meaning to start or a journey I’ve always wanted to embark on. This resonates so much with what Rodina relayed my crystal energies were also trying to communicate to me! Almost verbatim! And how curious is it that 1) the one and only ring in the current collection fits me! (I have unfortunate thin fingers and limbs so my love for rings is a quest for the ones that fit. If they fit, they’re meant for me, is my belief); 2) Aries is actually 2 out of 3 of my biological children’s signs); and 3) the stone it is made of is Ruby (my July birthstone).

The Box also came with a book of poems on love, longing and finding your place in the cosmos entitled Dear Universe by @tinypoem which I intuitively opened to this page (swipe left).

I also got to see former office mates who are forever young to me and I look forward to reunion with at work someday! I therefore punctuated that serendipitous stop-over with a sweet chocful bite of @macyfields Kahlua Cupcakes in what I fondly call, unicorn cream cheese frosting that I still want more of!

Thank you #MysticMatters! I hope your gifts continue to spark magic in more people as I optimistically hope it has in me ⚡✨⚡✨ #intunewithyourself #intunewiththeuniverse


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