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My White Hair

I was self-pitying all day because I had to rush myself to the hospital last night when I realized I might be food poisoned like my Mom earlier yesterday. So before it got worse and while I was still mobile, I went to Medical City’s ER to be checked (thanks to Ging and Vinci even if I failed to finish checking my pages for turnover, they were kind enough to drive me there but couldn’t stay).

My siblings were asking me if I wanted them to come over while I was waiting for my test results but I begged off coz it was so far from them. I tried calling friends nearby only to realize it was already too late in the evening.

I had to be IV-ed because I was heavily dehydrated said the doctors (Joanna Fidelino, a high school batchmate was one of the interns that night thank God) so all the pricking on my arm I had to endure by myself. I also had to settle the bill, buy my meds and hail a cab back home to the condo by myself. Single kung single.

I always feared I’ll grow old alone. Hopefully when Mio’s big enough, I’d believe otherwise since he’ll be able to take care of me by then. Right now, he’s watching me “work” coz according to him, “he’s taking care of me.” Tonight’s conversation was something like this:

Mio : Mom I want you to bathe me. Mom : Baby, please ask yaya coz Mom isn’t feeling very well. I need yaya to help me take care of you. Mio : Sorry for making you feel bad Mom. Mom : It’s not your fault Mommy’s sick Mio. Just be good boy. Mio : (while caressing my hair) I see a while hair Mom. You have white hair? Mom : Yes, coz Mommy’s getting old.

and Mio sobbed while embracing me. Kawawa. Feeling cguro nya mamamatay Mommy nya kc tumatanda na. Ang cute 🙂

So ok lng. Kayang kaya parin namin to 🙂

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