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… probably will seem like the last thing you’d ask for because it probably isn’t as sound as most undramatic, angst-free, temper-managed grounded people would give. But apparently, I’ve been quite a good theorist that you can quote me on several pieces of advice I’ve given. And today, I’ve given two that made me feel real proud because I seriously think that coming from my point of view, my advice–no matter how hard you snicker and say, “yeah right, you can talk?!” would be as valid and sensible as anyone else’s–in fact, even more accurate because I know what I’m talking about whether I’m talking from the grieved party’s point of view or the friend who stands with the principle of, “don’t go there, been there, done that.” So if you find that you’ve learned a penny’s worth or two from my advice, let me know. Maybe I’m not just the glam guru for Total Girl’s in this country. I can and might as well be a life coach. Wahahaha!!!

My advice to a friend milking her friend’s current needy clingy state and argues that the temporary intimacy they have is beneficial for both parties– (i know, don’t argue with me, I might as well be her friend who knows too well of being taken advantaged of… or not!) “Intimacy is just a validation of misplaced physical attraction, real love or alcohol in your system. Stop justifying your actions.”

My advice to a friend who’s upset over the petty fights she has with her boyfriend and is caught in the dilemma if the relationship can sustain itself in spite of their differences– (ep ep… don’t look at my blog like that, I complained a lot but that’s why I know better now. So here goes…) “Try to look at it differently. Live the moments one day at a time instead of looking too far ahead for long term sustainability. Moments will sustain you. The sustainability of your relationship is built on moments. Those moments build up to forever if the moments you have together are bigger than your fears or the mistakes that you make.”

Aha! Aha! Snazzy advice, right?! Tsk. Who needs a self-help book when you’ve got a bagful of heartaches and excellent IQ to learn from ’em?! I think I ought to write a book. Now I’m feeding my self-esteem in between working my ass off, I think I have my hands full right here so again–who needs a man–or a woman, right? Haha!

PS. To all the patient and tough loving friends I have out there, here’s me paying it forward. I can’t imagine how tiring it must be to give sensible advice to ME all these years. I love you guys 😀


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