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Music for Mio

Mio was watching a DVD of the old Hi-5 and I asked him who he liked better. “I like the old Hi-5.” Of course, I asked why and he said, “coz the Tim here likes music.”

And then I realized that indeed the characters of the show had their own strengths or talents so to speak. There was one into sports, one into dancing, one into story-telling and so on and so forth. My son’s favorite happened to be the one who talks about instruments and sang the most.

I never knew where he got that fascination for music. Maybe it was my over-compensating for being at work all the time as early as when he was an infant and my paranoia, I’d schedule what CD should be playing in his nursery every afternoon. Mondays were Chopin, Tuesdays were Vivaldi, Wednesdays were for Bach, etc. I also slept on the same schedule when I was pregnant. But once at Boni High, he heard Brigada playing and all he could ask from me for Christmas were bonggos rather than toys.

Its fascinating really that Mio has this liking for music. And I can’t feel more blessed when music is sang and played for a good cause. I am honored that Jill and a few friends from the music industry have decided to play good music for Mio’s healing. Please support their efforts tomorrow and I’ll see you then at Route 196. My good friends from Route, Sessionroad, Top Junk, Techy Romantics and the generous people from Mozzie, Sando & Gaijin are playing. We’ll be selling tickets to the Sept. 30 Music Museum concert too so I really hope you can come and support.

For the love of music. For the love of Mio. Tomorrow night is OURS. Thanks people!

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