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Mio Turned Seven

Traditionally in the Philippines, the birthday celebrant treats her dearest friends and loved ones while it’s the exact opposite elsewhere. I’ve also been used to the notion that children may have a birthday party every year from their 1st to their 7th and then probably a sweet 16 for girls and their grand debut for their 18th while boys only get to have a big bang when they debut at the age of 21. So traditionally, this year was Mio’s last chance to have a birthday party. Most kids his age are having their own 7th birthday parties and considering all that he’s going through, it didn’t feel right NOT to celebrate it. So the lack of funds didn’t stop us from putting together something. What I’ve learned from being a single parent was that help is never far away. And from the onset I did warn those I chose to be Mio’s godparents that I chose them for specific reasons and that I would look to them for help in deciding for Mio and things as such. So whether it was telling him about having him circumcized at birth (which was voted to be postponed until he’s 10 years old), telling him about Santa Claus, what school to put him in and of course, how to go about with his treatments… his godparents were just as involved. So  naturally I asked them to contribute what they can for Mio’s 7th birthday party. His ninongs brought the drinks, the bbq and the siomai. Ninangs brought cheese sticks, spaghetti, white pansit, cake pops and a Tita sent a cart of Ice Breakers which the kids loved! Mio wanted a beyblade party and there was absolutely NOTHING in Divisoria to help us establish that. So we settled for Ben10 loot bags, beyblade toys as prizes and arenas (all for 40pesos and below!) to spruce it up. Luckily, Mio’s Tita Kat Canillas makes balloon towers, her One Purple Project and his Ninang Lady aka The Baking Bug makes fabulous customized theme cakes! I hosted the games (which the kids ignored after the longest happy birthday and bring me games because they just wanted to compete and play beyblade the whole afternoon!) All the food that all my relatives and friends brought sold like hotcakes! It was like an indoor picnic! We also printed our own backdrop (using the DIY tarp stand I use for my bridal fairs) so that there’s a semblance of a photo booth 😉

“Happy birthday Miooooooooooooooo…..”

Dada (Grandad)’s sugar-free birthday cake c/o My sister Joee

Cake candle blowing with party poppers!

The birthday boy showing them how its done. Haha

The beyblade arenas

The other birthday boy, my Dad, showing Mio’s cousin Meg how to beyblade

 My college benchmates, Mundi & Jvic (always present!) 

and Mio’s Ninang Tin against our beyblade tarpaulin

Photo by Jvic Caduno. Beyblade cake and cupcakes by The Baking Bug

Mio with his Ninong Franco and fiance Tita Lala (my student council partner and pre-school teaching partner respectively) with Tita Kat’s balloon tower!

One of my co-parents said that it was actually a great idea! Instead of having people give toys and gifts that they’d outgrow, a celebration becomes more meaningful if everyone’s involved in it, don’t you think? Eternal thanks to those who made it memorable. I was thrilled that the kids didn’t want to leave even after giving out the loot bags! Haha

Giving out our odd but nice Ben10 & Princess loot bags

with our prep co-parents

So that was how our leukiboy spent his 7th birthday, along with a chemo dose the day before 😉

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