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Mio’s Wish List

Dear Santa (slash ninongs, ninangs and ahem ahem),

Mommy is jobless (or has lost the motivation to accomplish anything that will merit financial rewards) and Christmas is supposed to be for children. Please grant my wishes because I’ve really been a good boy like what my Mom proudly says all the time. I’ve made plenty of friends and I’ve managed to bring so much love and joy to those around me.

Mio’s Christmas Wish List 1. Bonggos (seriously) 2. Bakugan toys 3. PSP 4. his own camera (Mom: he really is dictating these as I type) 5. coloring books 6. Ben Ten book (if there even is such a thing) 7. the toy billiards like what Mao pointed out in the toy store (hay ksama tlga un… I don’t even remember if that really happened.)

Thank you Santas.

Love, Mio


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