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Mio Monday: No to Toxins!

Once upon a time (in 2009), a group of friends pulled their yummy resources to host months of Mio Mondays at Pino Resto Bar then in Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, QC. It was a sumptuous sit-down dinner comprised of complete dishes that wow-ed your tastes buds and all proceeds went to Mio’s treatments that was daily back then.

Now, Pino has grown and is now in Malingap Street, just a corner away from it’s old joint that is now occupied by their Burger Project (customized premium burgers!) and their popular Kare-kareng Bagnet has extended into a complete food joint in SM North Edsa called Bgy. Bagnet! Pino’s not-so-new Malingap home is also home to the Pino Kitchen Studio where one can enroll in mini-cuisine classes and Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant. I had a trial-dinner at Pipino some weeks ago as it celebrated it’s 1st year anniversary and it’s owner, good friend, Alessa Lanot celebrated her birthday too (I was one of the 29 girlfriends she celebrated with on her 29th! Got a hand-crafted silver-stamped bracelet as a souvenir. So crafty!). We were willing guinea pigs to her savory vegan dishes that resembled the Mio Mondays Menu except that this was all organic! ALL!

(I just HAD to include yer yummy all-day breakfast menu for weekends. Look at that?! And her desserts! To die for vegan cupcakes)

Alessa belongs to a family of brilliant philantrophists, if I may call them that and her cousin, Noelle Hilario is another creative junkee who also happens to be a surf goddess and a fabulous mom to Kai.

Those are artistic cousins Noelle & Alessa

I’m not sure if she remembers this, but one of the many emails we received on the onset of Mio’s cancer (we have tons and I can only hope and pray that I get to acknowledge each and every single contribution of prayer, blessings, tips and advice from all of those who reached out to us) was from her. Her advice greatly changed our lifestyle and helped us cope with Mio’s health and eating habits (still working on it but we’re hopefuly getting there!)as I hope to get a size down to my current plus size dresses by continuously eating right, I hope she doesn’t mind, but I’m certain it will help you too if I share what she shared to us:

hey jasmine!

i just heard about mio’s condition, i’m really sorry about that and I can say that I feel for you cos im a mom too now and I’d be devastated if kai had cancer. Just always think positive and be strong since mio needs you to be strong for him!

I’m a firm believer in natural and alternative medicine so I’m sharing you this. Kai’s pediatrician is a homeopath and her husband is a natural doctor (he usually treats allergies, cancer, diabetes,etc) and they use natural treatment. I can refer you to them so you can also get other options and ways of treating mio.

There’s so many things in this world that are cancerous! Many things that we use, eat, everyday have too much toxins which are potential causes of cancer! A few tips for you:

1. Ditch the microwave! never heat your food in the microwave, it mutates the cells of your food and kills it. So when you eat food from the microwave, it’s dead food. (Done! It’s really easy and life goes on. Home-cooked meals are yummier and even if we live in a condo, there are ways to reheat or cook food. Minimizes possible #5s too!)

2. Flouride- yep it’s toxic! Buy non flouride toothpaste in Healthy Options. It’s a bit expensive, P230 for a tube, but it goes a long way, could last up to 4 months 🙂 (Done! It’s not yummy or bubbly but Mio got used to it already. There are non-flouride toothpastes that appear to be for babies in supermarkets, you can try those too.)

3. Vaccination- your child doesn’t need all those vaccines, read more about vaccines, choose what you think is really needed. (Mio’s vaccination has been suspended since his treatments so as not to crowd his system or risk the possibility of any of his chemo meds mixing badly with his medication. When his chemo is done in 2-3 years, I hope to be able to see Noelle’s homeopath pediatrician first before seeking any of the vaccines that Mio supposedly missed.)

4. Give mio lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of fresh juice (not the ones you buy in the grocery, make it yourself!). Eat foods that nourish your cells and your body, drink lots of water. This will help flush away the toxins and keep your cells healthy! The secret to a happy healthy child! 5. Avoid junk food, fast food, processed meat and canned goods- these foods don’t have any nutrition at all even if they taste so good!

read more about everyday toxins here:http://curezone.com/diseases/toxins/ read more about the leukimia diet and how to cleanse your body of toxins: http://curezone.com/dis/1.asp?C0=210

Remember, part of the cure is not only chemotherapy or medicine, it’s your diet and lifestyle! I’m not a doctor, but I read a lot, I keep myself healthy and I feel the benefits of healthy living 🙂 thats why Im sharing this with you because I really believe in eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle! 🙂

My friend knew of someone who had cancer before. They went all organic! they changed everything in their house- their cleaning products, food, they ate brown rice instead of white, then he combined conventional and natural medicines for his cancer treatment and he survived!

Kaya yan! Mio is a strong boy! If you need anything, just text me k? Id be glad to help! Well i hope I was able to help you with all these info 🙂

Will pray for you and mio!

love, noelle

Everyday Toxins: mercury, fluoride, MSG, Aspartame, Margarine

Source: curezone.com



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