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Mio Can!

Initially, Piso Para Kay Mio.

You know Frances told me of a student who gave her day’s allowance as donation for Mio. I can’t help feel guilty and at the same time overwhelmingly grateful because my son has proven that people are innately good and I hope–even if it weren’t us on the receiving end, people won’t tire of helping in their own little way.

As for cancer, yes, Mio Can conquer it!

I’d like to thank Cielo Fronteras for really reaching out to Ara to ask for more cans. And my brother-in-law, Mike Manalo for making more to distribute along with his friends. He coined Mio Can and formed the group page on Facebook, like the true Art Director that he is.

If you come across these, please drop your change. Like that student’s baon, rest assured it’ll go a long way. If you’d like to put one in your establishment which Cha Espinar will be monitoring, please get in touch with miofightscancer@gmail.com

PS. As of blog time, we are back in the hospital for blood transfusion overnight. That really upset Mio and made him cry so hard. Three veins bulged on his left hand in pursuit of the perfect line for his IV again. And he cries again as he is paralyzed with his right hand, forbidding him to draw and stack his speed stacks. He kept asking, “I thought we’re not staying here? I hate it here in the doctor’s place! I want to go home!” but I told him that I never promised him anything that I wasn’t sure of myself.

Except that I’ll never leave him and that if we trust the doctors like how Jesus wants us to trust him in making them swift and gentle everyday that they have to “put soldiers in his body,” we CANcervive this even if it means losing material things.


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