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Just In Case…

..balak nyo din ako regaluhan, ito naman ang wish list ko:

1. rice cooker (the first appliance I bought for the cond among the few things I ha to buy broke down so fast! Mio and I have been living on cafeteria rice for 3 weeks now)

2. a night lamp (we’re finally moving the bed in the actual 1 bedroom in the condo)

3. sofa bed/ couch (because we’re moving the bed in the room)

4. aircon (because after December I’m assuming my 0.8hp airconditioning cannot fill up the living room)

5. window cleaner (with the half foot opening for our 4 windows and the rain, i really wish our condo maintenance can have our windows cleaned for God’s sake)

6. groceries (nanlimos nanaman!) a year’s supply of: – Mio’s enervon bright – oreo cookies – eggs – Moo! milk – XL prokids diaper for bedtime – Johnsons milkbath – Colgate toothpaste — pokemon for Mio & flouride for me – by Nature body oil w/ aloe – chicken nuggets – Knorr mix – Mio’s vitamins (Nurilin, Polynerv, Ceelin) and my Enervon/ Centrum

7. portable steam iron

8. Makeup brushes

9. the books after the first Twilight book

10. anyother Nick Bantock Griffin & Sabine book besides Sabine’s Notebook

11. The Harry Potter book series

12. a flash drive!

13. an external cd drive

14. size 6 white sneakers (no brand in particular)

15. size 6 gold sandals

16. size 6 black heeled shoes

17. size 6 gold Melindi Crocs

18. a dress form

19. any bag

20. cash

I’m not sure if i’ll be able to give out gifts myself and the spirit of the holidays hasn’t kicked in just yet. But I put up a tree and I’m trying my best to be charitable of the things I have and can share. Pray with me that I’ll be able to provide for Mio and keep myself sane forever. That’s the best gift actually.

Thanks y’all!

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