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I’m Going Out & I’m Scared

Gigimmick ako will be with Mio the whole time. I’m going out with my son and it’s a date! There’s so much hard work and heart put into tonight’s concert, I’m not even worrying about how its gonna turn out. I have no expectations except that we will be surrounded by people who have supported us and pray for us, its gonna be a rally talaga.

I remember at one point in Mio’s early years I put my foot down while watching him do his first sit up and flip through my Da Vinci book, “Mio will be great when he grows up. He will be helping people and he will be a good person, smart and handsome.” It didn’t take so much growing up for him to do that. I am officially a stage mother to a reluctant super star. Look at his picture blown up at foot of the stairs of Music Museum! Oh I hope all of you can come see him tonight and enjoy the show friends and friends of friends have prepared.

My brother-in-law, Mike Manalo in collaboration with PJ Lanot & Alessa Libongco’s t-shirt team came up with this shirt! Its a limited edition Mio Fights Cancer shirt in S, M, L & XL to encompass all female and male sizes to be sold at P300 tonight at the concert. We’re putting up donation boxes for Ondoy as well, Mio Cans & a booth to sell iCANCERvive stuff. Please do drop by for the many stuff we have prepared.

Thank you Jesus for good people.

I’m scared. My tummy is going topsy turvey. Not because I’m not sure its gonna work out, we’re beyond blessed as it is. Its just that I’m going out doesn’t just speak for tonight’s activities. I’m going out, out of my comfort zone (like I’m one to be too conventional, really), out of a really good place. It was bound to happen and I’m not sure how to break the news, but they already probably know already. Geeez.

Anyway, we’ll see you all later 🙂

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