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I’m Dead

Mio’s made up his mind today.

He’s been telling me this for months already and he won’t change his mind.

“I miss my blue eagle Mom.” that means I have to send him to Ateneo at one point in his life.

“I want to be a race car driver.” He won’t budge. I reminded him of being a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer as my ex would insist. I even offered that he can be an artist or a musician as he seems to be inclined to drawing and music most lately. But no. Race car driver “like Tita Gaby” daw.

And. He really wants to learn how to play the drums. There goes the little bit of silence in our lives. Not soccer or basketball. Not piano or guitar. Drums tlga.

I’m so dead. 7 months nlng, malalaman natin kung uubra ang childhood amnesia. He’ll be 5 years old in a few. Good luck tlga sakin nito kung hindi.

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