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Hug Me

Just when I thought Mio was used to the routine we’ve set for him, just so I can mix it up a bit, I prayed a new prayer from our usual “Jesus, please make the owie go away fast. Make the doctor’s hand swiftand gentle…” I told him that “today is another day to be brave. You can do it, anak.”

Mio hugs me tight and commands, “hug me now, Mom.”

It came as a surprise because my son didn’t seem sick or scared at all. At the concert, most of the performers asked where he was and gave their own renditions of their messages of love, support and ultimately reassured us that we are not alone. We never were. Maybe that’s why we’re not scared of cancer.

I’d like to think that this extends to everyone around us. We’re just here if you need us for absolutely anything. If only I can share Mio on a daily basis without risking his immuno-compromised health, I would. If only work could be less demanding…

So with a heavy heart I had to choose and leave that career path behind. I officially resigned from my office last week, packed my bags and left. It hurt to be such a disappointment. I tried for some time to fulfill my employment duties but I find myself too distracted and too laiden by personal stuff, it wasn’t fair for the company that I was in and out of the office so frequently. I had to consult friends prior to this decision and I was told I needed work now more than ever. Of course, I know that, I wouldn’t want to be begging all my life, you know. There were moms of chemo patients who had to fly back from their work abroad just to attend to their children and have their hubands work like horses. I had to do both. Right now it feels that I am needed at home more than anywhere else and I’m thinking, I was still young, in five years, once Mio is declared cancer-free, I could probably start a new career somewhere. For now, I can put that on hold. Being unemployed doesn’t necessarily mean I was going to be jobless anyway. I’ve been through the freelancing route, I think its just a matter of setting my mind on it. Besides, I’ve secured quite a win for Mio, its just a matter of time before we nail it. We’ll be fine, thanks to you and some others.

So the concert’s done. That secures us for until the end of the year. I’m hoping the PCSO thing will follow through soon. I’m so grateful that we had so much help with endorsements, I almost wanted to line up everyone else from the 3am line.

I wanted to hug as many as we can now that all I have are feelings of gratitude and such. In fact, I’m embracing the iCANCERvive camapaign, carry the torch of Iggy Villanueva who passed away just recently. I met him once and yet he has touched me so deep, my 8-year maturity doesn’t save me the pain of a mother when I think of him. 

For now, Mio seems to be looking forward to his weekly sessions with funny Teachers Ginny & Jovinne as well as our spelling list of numbers, people, community places, questions and modes of transportation. Just yesterday he had to fill in the blanks ‘–ute’. The picture showed a duck playing a flute with notes coming out. Mio changed the ‘u’ to an ‘o’ and wrote “note”. Oo nga naman.

Today is the first MioMonday and we’re giving out iCANCERvive baller IDs to the first guests as well as limited edition notecards from one of the first doodles of Mio. View some more of his doodles as the start of marvelous artworks by renowned artists (surpirse who! check it out in November, we’re showcasing them in Gallery 7 Eastwood). You can check out http://miotheartist.blogspot.com for more details 🙂

On that note, here’s a hug from “Mio’s Mom” to all of you. I hope you’re having a happy MioMonday like we are here at Pino. 🙂


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