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High Five

Updated: Apr 11

“Love can only be found through the act of loving.”

Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

It still amazes me how extraordinary our life is yet feel that our love story is just like any other.

2013. This was actually an apology, which is what I meant by my caption 5 years ago. Thank you for our clean slate, my love.

In less than a year, we managed to work on 4 projects, buy a car, get a cat and drive/ fly to 11 places.

On our first anniversary, I booked us a surprise trip to Ilocos, our 12th, and supposedly was meant to be the best surf of your life but found absolutely no waves at all! I’m so sorry!

It was also the day we started planning for Roux. The next month was my birthday and we wished for her harder than we ever wished for anything together…

  And after 9 months got our wish come true ✨ this was the time in our life I knew that God listened to our prayers and that I was truly where I was meant to be (hindi pala when I met you eh noh? When we had Roux pa! Hehe)

Photo by Louie Arcilla

so on our second anniversary, we had a lot of these….

Amelia Roux, our first best collaboration ever at 2 months old!

And only managed a cheap replica of our last year’s photo at our rental while we were still finishing home renovations.

Before we hit year 3, we had managed to finish our home renovations, have it blessed as Roux was baptised and mount our favorite event (Roux’s 1st birthday party) to date.

And I only managed a lengthy blog-worthy post for our third anniversary (alongside your traditional montage-like posts … obviously, this is my love language so I have a very clear memory of affirmations given and received in this relationship, sorry).

I said, and still mean it to this day:

You always say that our mistakes in the past and our flaws have prepared us for this time in our life — the right time, now, that we have found each other. For everyday that you conquer our worst, and everyday that we strive to do right by us and choose to be better together, you never fail to make me wonder how or why you love me the way you do. I am grateful. And I will honor you as the head of our family and support your dreams and hope that my act of loving you will rarely be too much and hardly enough for you are my one great love among all the loves that I’ve ever found. Happy anniversary Paolo

After year 3, we worked harder than we ever have together and ticked off 2 more boxes in our bucket list:

A baby boy and buy the kids the experience of travel at least once in their lifetime.

Year 4 is our most challenging yet, with a near-death experience, our loved ones’ most trying times and halted plans.

You work so hard and dream non-stop and I get so frustrated and tired but you never, not once, made me feel unloved. I get insecure sometimes (a lot in fact!) and I know that that’s just me, so please never get tired of reminding me what I told Cosmo.PH when they asked me,

“How did you know that he is The One?”:

because I sure would like to have to read back to this post someday because we’ve spent too many years already for me to tell the tale of how two parents wound up madly in love with each other, having had raised 6 children and growing old by the sea (or a house with some grass and a pool) with that dog in the future.

High Five to you and me, baby. I love you. 


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