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As I’ve been announcing since Easter, Mio Fights Cancer will be at the Kiddo-preneur Bazaar again this weekend and we’re excited because the last one was so fun and packed with energetic and creative kids! Everyone was so cute selling their own knick knacks and some kids were even doing the rounds shouting “cookies for sale!”

One of Mio’s classmates even beamed to his Dad later on, “I sold a lot of flyers!” which was funny! Haha. I wonder what anecdotes we’ll gather from this stint and we have a new mix of young sellers (if you’re interested to learn how to sell, help Mio, meet him and his friends, send us an email at miofightscancer@gmail.com with your name, age and the time between 11am-6pm that you can come help).

For now, we’d appreciate if you spread the word to BUY FROM BOOTH #3 if you decide to visit the Kiddo-preneur Bazaar and be attacked with cuteness!

Just so you know what you can get, especially those who are fans of Mio’s work from last year’s Mio Alphabet, we’re selling them by sets now. That means that you can get a box of greeting cards, gift tags, a sticker and a notepad for a discounted price, nicely ribboned by Mio himself so they’re perfect gifts too (why don’t you hoard some letters for the initials of your Mommy friends, your own mom or wife in time for next month’s Mother’s Day?)

We’re also taking orders for what’s left of the StART With Mio 16×24 gicle canvas artworks which will be on display at our booth PLUS! We’re launching the beautiful artworks in button pin magnets/ bottle openers, keychain/ mirros and notebooks!

Finally, our young volunteers will get a gift from Adarna House and those buying items worth P1,000 or more get a chance to join our raffle draw. Mio Fights Cancer is giving away something spectacular — as in awesome Drawsome levels for those buying from our booth this Saturday. Winner will be announced through this blog and notified through email and SMS.

So, will we see you this Saturday? 🙂 please spread the word!

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