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He’s Not So Perfect

Just like any boy his age, Mio has started developing a habit that’s less than desirable.  His eating, or lack of it, has really gotten us into a few bouts of temper tantrums, mostly mine, because it’s really frustrating to watch him eat so slowly.  It takes him an hour on average to complete a meal, even just a basic sandwich such as grilled cheese.  Last month, his doctor recommended a new milk, coupled with new vitamins, to help him gain appetite and ultimately some weight.  And as of the last chemo, he miraculously gained about a kilo and his cbc results were mostly within normal values.  So now we’re considering that it might be the new regimen we introduced.  We’re testing the theory by putting him back to his old milk, but with the same vitamins if it has the same effect.  I’m slowly thinking it really was the new milk as his appetite has gone down again.  So on we go with this frustration 3-4 times a day.

It got me thinking about my OWN appetite.  A little part of me envies his problem (God knows how many pounds I’ve put on…).  His appetite and speedy metabolism (since he is a growing boy), almost makes it impossible for him to get fatter, while I on the other hand get fatter with every piece of M&M, and I think about going to the drugstore (yes, instead of a gym) to buy fat burners, just to shed a few when I step on the weighing scale.

Mio, you don’t know how lucky you are, in more ways than one… 🙂 I just hope that our frequent reminders that food on his plate is a thing to be thankful for and something that he shouldn’t waste, doesn’t just go in vain. We were told that his chemo makes meat taste like metal so that doesn’t help, add to that that the only taste that might agree with his appetite are sweets. Oh dear. I hope he outgrows this soon because it’s not just about finishing his food! The lack of nutrition worries me too…


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