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Happy Easter!

Hooray! It’s Easter!

Aside from the reflective week that precedes today, it’s a time when families spend holidays together, marks the beginning of Summer and this one is especially topped off by a Full Moon yesterday (April too marks the most special birthdays of the men in my life: my Dad, his twin/ my Uncle Je, my first born Mio, my favorite and only nephew, Jared, my beautiful cousins Mildred and Apple, and my unica hija Roux’s and many other April friends!) So I’m charging my energy with great hopes for forgiveness for my own shortcomings especially from our children who, I am reminded, God had only stewarded us to nurture with love the best way we know how; and with a manifestation of abundance that we may continue to grow into kind and generous people — free from tired hearts.

Last night’s homily reminded me that when our hearts grow tired from giving, or doing absolutely anything for anyone — it is likely that we do out of our own human virtues, therefore are limited. And this time of the year reminds us that if we set our minds that the love and service we give — to strangers, co-workers and especially our loved ones, is God’s love and not our own, like what Jesus did — it becomes an endless well of compassion that asks for no comfort or appreciation in return. And that is why we do what we do. Because God loves us and we are called to serve and love as His vessels of it. None is from our own.

And so, may you start the month with beauty, clarity and wonderful OCness through my April downloadables from my website. A calendar and a list of your to brings for any time you may need to take your chaos outdoors!

 No Fool’s Day today!

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