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Glass half empty, Glasses half full.

I think I’ve posted this picture of Mio before, but I don’t care, he’s such a handsome boy here with his cool hair cut and stylish Ray Ban sunglasses (borrowed from Tito Jon, thank you!).

The reason I suddenly remembered this particular photo was because of a recent conversation we had about glasses.  I went to an optical shop to get my eyes checked as I’ve realized that I’ve been leaning in on my computer screen more often than before and I get some headaches from reading or too much time spent in front of my laptop.  I was told I needed a special kind of glasses, they’re called fatigue glasses.  They’re supposed to prevent the headaches and the general discomfort.  While I was discussing this with Clems, Mio suddenly bursts out a violent reaction to my need to wear glasses.  He said, “I don’t want you to wear glasses mom”.  I asked him why and he just shrugged and said he didn’t want.  I poked around the issue a little bit by asking him if he thinks I won’t look good in them, gently pointing out that his Tita Clems wears glasses and he’s ok with that.  Again, I just got an “I just don’t want, mom”.  I told him that I needed it to see better, and it will just be like sunglasses, only without the color, and playfully reminded him of the time that he wore sunglasses and how they looked cute on him,adding that I was sure if he ever needed to wear eyeglasses (hopefully not) he’d probably look just as cute.  He smiled a little bit with that and that seemed to appease him, at least as of that moment.

Which brings me to the reason I think he had a violent reaction to my wearing glasses.  He’s always had that fear of me growing old.  Whenever I’d mention I’m getting older he’d always say I’m just in my 20’s (yeah, until the next birthday. The big 3-0 is fast approaching), and his Dada is in his 60’s so I’m still good. Hahaha.  There’s really no avoiding it, I WILL get older son, and I might need more “senior gadgets” later on.   I guess the most comfort I can offer him is that no matter what age I am, no matter how old I get, I’m always going to be his mom, and I’m always going to be around. 



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