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Ghost Month Woo-Woo

Updated: Apr 11

I’m gonna say it out loud: I absolutely dread this time of the year. To be quite honest, it’s no secret that in our line of work, it’s the leanest in terms of revenue because everyone isn’t just committing to any bookings and most people are on vacation mode for some odd cosmic reason. No wonder they call it the ghost month.

This time of the year has also proven to be always a difficult time for me, in between career dilemmas, financial crisis and plans undone in the past years.

So when I was gearing up for this year, I really TRIED to be prepared.

By try, I mean, arm myself with as much magic as I can because the truth is, none of us knows what’s in store for us so might as well count of prayers and lots of good vibes!

I’d like to share the desktop calendar and crystals & oils survival guide Sab and I worked on for this month:

The calendar has the usual list of holidays and the dates for the phases of the moon (for when you want to cleanse or charge your crystals and auras!) This one features a special celestial-themed illustration design by Sab Palmares of Mustard World to remind us of the greater scheme of things in spite of our beautifully flawed universe.

The list I prepared this month, on the other hand, is more like a rundown of suggestions for oils and crystals that double as your armour in this equinox-like season.

Hope you like these! Keep believing in the magic!

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