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I always find myself standing in front of a career crossroad. The age old debate in my head whether or not to remain as freelance or to get myself employed.  For this, I bring out the yellow pad and divide it into Pros and Cons.  A very sizeable Pro is that I have my time in my hands.  I set my schedule, I customize my work week, and I get to dabble in different areas of expertise.  Right alongside this item on my Pro list, however, is an entry on the other column—the nagging feeling that I tend to spread myself out too thinly.  I’m told many times by my partner that just because I can do everything, it doesn’t mean I need to do everything NOW.  Number 2 on the Pro list would have to be job satisfaction.  I don’t get bored with what I’m doing because I have the opportunity to do different things.  Every time I leave a job, whether it’s makeup, styling, or whatnot, I always leave feeling satisfied with what I’ve accomplished.  As opposed to a desk job that has the tendency to make a job feel dragging and stationary.  To tie up the list, here’s a very big Con, not having medicare supplement plans.  Considering my current situation with my son’s battle with the big C, not having health insurance as a bonus weighs heavily on the list.  For now, I leave it at that.  Until the next intersection comes.

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