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Falcon Anxiety

Anticipating the next typhoon to hit the country, wrapping up the shoot yesterday was very ideal.  As everyone knows, “brownouts” are known to hit just about anytime when the rainy season is abound.  Just thinking about the electricity components of a shoot hanging limp because of a sudden outburst makes me cringe—camera batteries not getting charged, tv video cables not functioning as they should, laptops living on borrowed battery lives—gaaaah, the horror!

Well today, at this moment at least, the world outside looks calm enough for a shoot, but alas, I get the day off from a set to work on my computer as I wait for Mio to tell me all about his day in school. And in spite of Hong Kong Disneyland being cancelled (postponed, I’d like to think of it) due to the outburst of the scarlet fever  epidemic in China (God bless the poor children, I hope they recover from it and the widespread disease clears the air soon enough), I am still grateful that at least, we found out in time and saved us the regret of making Mio’s dream vacation into a risky tour.

I get to work some more while Mio gets to bask in his ultimate Disney favorite–Cars 2 🙂 yay!


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