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Faith in Love

Where do I draw the will to have faith in love, Lord? You? If I must find You within my heart, how come it feels broken and shattered everytime I try to reach deep into it? Why does it feel like that in spite of the strength of my spirit?

I cannot bear sitting across a love I had lost and the betrayal staring straight at me no matter how long ago it was. I simply cannot. Not because I am weak or intolerant but simply because I do not deserve that presence before me unless it was a mutual apology or them begging for my mercy.

There is a difference between missing people and simply remembering them. The former is something I keep in your heart. The latter is one that stays in my memory and no more than that.

Since neither can be called love then, now or ever–there is no faith recluse of that. But the memory of it is the only thing close to how I believe love is and can be. Then perhaps, the kind of faith I seek is beyond what I have known in my life and have yet to find somewhere else beyond my broken heart.

Tell me where love is so I can pu my faith where it should be.

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