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Eating Teething

I hated going to the dentist. If any of my classmates from Nursery remembered me, I had fangs for all front teeth. I have this vague memory that I was at the dentist at least once a week and those visits always involved tears. Now that I’m a grown woman I still have a dental trauma. What with an unsuccessful root canal (apparently, this one molar I tried to save had 3 canals, 2 of which were side by side and no x-ray could have seen it, lucky me), locked jaw, a huge overbite and inheriting this odd trait of missing incisors on my lower teeth… I don’t think any kind-hearted dentist would be my best friend. But I go anyway for the sake of avoiding having to come frequently. So I have my teeth cleaned every time my birthday comes to make sure I do at least once a year.

And because of that, I make sure that my child doesn’t end up having the same phobia so I brought him to his first dental check up when he was 3. That went on smoothly as he was coated with flouride. The next one wasn’t so bad too except that due to his treatments, he’s been more prone to gingivitis and plaque.

Recently, we purchased an electric toothbrush for Mio, as per dentist’s recommendation.  She said that it removes plaques and debris better than manual brushing can do.  So the first time we used it on him, I was the one holding the toothbrush, carefully moving from one tooth to another, almost like mini abrasives sculpting his baby teeth.  I thought I’d get some sort of a protest at the pressure or speed, but he actually enjoyed it! He was smiling at the mirror, saying his teeth felt cleaner and whiter. (Though deep inside I knew it wasn’t whiter really, but I couldn’t bring myself to shatter the illusion and went along with it).  Now, he’s learned to use it on his own and enjoys brushing more than ever. Next thing I have to buy is a set of rechargeable batteries! The way this little boy is enjoying toothbrush session, it’s only a matter of time before he has to choose between having batteries to brush his teeth or to play with his Wii controller!

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