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Easy Like Sunday Morning

or afternoon.

Its been one of those weeks. Hectic dyslexic schedule topped with Mio’s daily injections and a fever to monitor 24/7. I text Dr. Racho at ungodly hours just to make sure I don’t have to rush Mio to the ER. The anxiety makes my teeth grind in my sleep. I’ve sold my computer, old phones and God knows what else I’ve sold at Greenhills just to tide us this week. His rigorous medication, constant illness and the logistics that goes with it is milking me dry. Work’s up to my throat but its not like the work that a single female can do will ever be enough to provide the basic needs of a five year old boy–school, food, shelter–what more one with cancer?

I’m not sulking 🙂 I just wanted to paint a picture of how hard it was and how that picture in my head makes me delighted at the painting we’re drawing at the moment. This afternoon, we finished watching Alvin and the Chipmunks and his temperature is down to 37.1 its a far cry from last night’s 40.2 its still slightly burning but he’s eating and is no longer vomitting, we can proceed with his last injection today and get his CBC which will hopefully reveal a really good blood count. A promise of his last IT for this month tomorrow makes us so excited to see Mio regaining his actual energy level (100% please!) and having an entire month to plan his lessons and to dos, hopefully even get to include play dates. After tomorrow, we just have to get his chemo once a month until he turns 8 years old in 2012.

I’m mapping out his schooling now as I think I have to admit that homeschooling him isn’t working out. I do try my damn best but Mio’s such a smart boy, he deserves the full attention of teachers and the vast knowledge of various brains to contribute to his mental growth. I need to find him a school we can afford simultaneous to his treatments.

I’m excited that this coming week shows very little schedule conflicts. I can attend to his chemo tomorrow without worrying about other commitments except for a 6pm class I need to conduct. The rest of the days are just meetings and pre-production work for a shoot on Thursday. That shows a lot of time to be with Mio but also means that there will be very little income that will tide us that week.

That’s ok. The worst problem is about to be over. You’ll hire me for work if I need to break my back for this little boy, won’t you?

Have a blessed Sunday everyone 🙂


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