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Dreams Unlimited

I’ve been daydreaming about having a house of our own lately, not that a condo doesn’t appeal to me anymore. It’s just that Mio is growing up so fast, the space at home doesn’t seem enough sometimes, especially with his love of basketball, he can’t really play it in the condo so he sticks with the Wii for his NBA fix (thank you for your generous gift again, Tita Helen!) Sometimes we sit and talk about our future, what he wants to be when he grows up, what he wants to experience (roller coasters, travelling to the USA, buying a sports car! Among other things… Gosh!), and where we both want to live in—we both envision a house. He already has the specs! The house is white, with a red roof, a front and backyard, plus a dog (we promised him that when we get to buy a house later on, that’s the only time we can have a dog). Oddly enough, in one of his many drawings, the doghouse he drew looked exactly like OUR house.

The house doesn’t have to be big—after all, there are only 3 of us. I just want it simple, with a little patio or balcony to have brunch or coffee, rustic furniture and decors (so I don’t really have to buy new ones, hehe), and of course a garage where we can hang a basketball hoop for Mio. But until such time that we’re done with cancer, payables, and we reach some sort of above average financial stability, a house will remain one of the dreams I have for our little family. After all, the dreams are great, but our reality right now, all encompassing, has still been nothing short of amazing. Everyday we’re still very grateful for the blessings that come from all directions. We never forget even the simplest acts of kindness we receive, and just being in the center of all this positivity really gives us the strength to go through the daily grind.

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