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Dream Come True: Disneyland!

This time last week, we were dead tired from going around Disneyland Hong Kong and that’s not something we dread! We’re still on a high from our trip, thanks to the initiative of Cathay Pacific and Make A Wish Foundation Philippines/ Hong Kong. It was such a dream come true! The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong staff were all so nice to us too 🙂

I’ll let you in on how our trip went, but first! See Mio’s note to Disneyland and then I can tell you more about our trip through the photos below 🙂

Mio drawing the Cathay Pacific airplane while on the plane!

Mio: you look silly Mom (that’s cause I was so ecstatic that we got to ride a limousine going to our hotel, Disneyland and back and to the airport going home! All the cars in Hong Kong are high-end. I therefore conclude we couldn’t afford to live there even in our wildest dreams!)

Mio was so excited to receive a personal note from Gladis Young of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong along with a special jar of jelly beans and cookies. When you asked him what he loved the most about Hong Kong (besides Disneyland of course), he’d quickly say “the hotel!” I woke up the following day catching him looking out our splendid view of the Kowloon island and watching eagles fly over our window. Mio also loved that he was finally able to try out bathing in a bath tub 😉

3 days, 2 nights was more than enough for us considering all the wonderful treats we got especially being able to start off the day with a sumptuous buffet breakfast at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Here’s Mio with Gladis who was so kind! (Mio was also glad to get to talk to someone who can speak English, he was quite confused being in a different country and hearing everyone speak a language he couldn’t understand. Oopsie…)

Day 2 was Disneyland day! Here we are with Mickey and Minnie as well as Fion Wong, Ambassador of Disneyland Hong Kong. She handed Mio SO MANY goodies, I felt like crying. Mio was shocked I guess because we had a VIP room with photos of US Presidents who have been there and Mickey and Minnie tooke time out from their long line of kids waiting to take a photograph with them just to be with Mio in this room! We also got an access card that allowed us to go through all the rides and places we want without having to line up! 😮 

If it was up to Mio and since he didn’t knew any better, Mickey and Minnie would have made his Disneyland worth it already. Plus Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear. But we of course didn’t want him to miss the lifetime opportunity of watching the parade and seeing other shows. I cried when I saw the Disney Princesses. It was like MY own dream come true (I have never been to Disneyland, you see?) it felt at that moment that Disneyland relives such wonderful childhood memories (even imagined memories) for adults too 🙂

this was Mio’s burger steak at the Corner Cafe (he missed home because he asked to eat Jollibee. Hehe)

By afternoon, Mio was warmed up and ready for the day (while we were tired already!) and bummed that although we got to look at the start of the Lion King show, they had technical difficulties so the show didn’t push through. Too bad. But being a theater arts graduate, I saw that the show would have been spectacular, what with the round stage and gobos of the lights PLUS! moving Simba!! How cool is that?!

Our last stop at Disneyland was to go around the Main Street, try drawing at the Art Animation Academy and see the animation museum. Very artsy for Mio, right? 🙂

Day 3 was homeward bound day and we managed to stop by the Cathay Pacific Head Office where Janice Lao, the one who started it all (her initiative paved the way for all this to happen, thank you Janice!) toured us around the museum showing us Cathay Pacific’s history from being a freight service airplane to a first class flight service. 

We also got to squeeze in walks around Causeway Bay, Soho, Central and Stanley Market so we got to see how well-developed Hong Kong is as a city. Mio wondered why everything was so nice and clean and I hope we were able to tell him properly that it only means that things could get better in our country. As a parent, I feel lucky for Mio that he got this opportunity early on and I hope he uses the experience well. I never was able to go out of the country until two years ago and my sense of awe is always nourished and I get to appreciate home more. When I asked Mio, “now that your wish came true, what would be your next?” (not that he should expect it would come true! O my! I wouldn’t want to set him up to expect too much all the time) he happily said, “to come back!”

So I told him that someday when he’s older, he might want to take his kids to Disneyland too so he can revisit the same wonder of having to be in the happiest (and most progressive!) place on earth.

Again, many thanks to Cathay Pacific and Make A Wish Foundation Philippines and Hong Kong, Disneyland and Grand Hyatt 🙂

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