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Dec. 9: Kiddopreneur Bazaar

When I was younger, I used to bring a lof of my Mom’s homemade goodies to school like yema, cheese balls or pastillas and sell them for P8 each because Mom said I shouldn’t sell them for less than P5.

This added to my allowance and my classmates from Grade 2 all the way to Grade 6 loooooved these treats! They were gone by recess time.

Mio came home one afternoon asking for another pad of his crosswise pad paper and I wondered why he ran out of it too often. He told me a story that his classmates kept asking him to draw for them and so he obliges. I explained that the paper cost money and that some people actually pay to buy his artworks, told him the same story I just narrated earlier and encouraged him to sell his drawings for P5. The following day, he came home with P20, a smile and I bragged a bit on Facebook only to find out that he might get in trouble in school for that. So I took it back and asked him to return the money to his classmates. Ooops.

I’m telling you this story because I think being entrepreneurial is good. So I’m really thrilled that we’ve been a part of such a cute and responsible project like the Kiddopreneur Bazaar. The energy is so high, it beats any candy store actually!

So we usually join this to sell the greetings cards, notepads and gift tags that feature Mio’s artworks to help raise funds for cancer. This year however, on December 9, Mio will be having his own drawing booth and will sit there the whole day to draw for you. He may have an artist’s temperament that day so I’m not sure if he’ll be able to accommodate portraits but he’ll definitely indulge you with a drawing of his ninjagos, bakugans or Adventure Time. He hasn’t decided on the prices yet, but since he’s not a very sociable young man, I’m hoping this “new thing” he volunteered to do will get him started on the right foot. So I hope you can drop by, or volunteer to help out at his booth, because we’ll need kids to sell with him 🙂

Sharing with you his business plan for Kiddopreneur! I think it’s cute 😉

See you on December 9, Sunday at the Alphaland Mall! 🙂

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